Sect Bot Premium

The premium version of the Sect bot comes with specific perks:

  • 12 calls per user in a 24-hour span, doubling the capacity compared to the free version.

  • Customizable button ads: As a group owner, you can set and modify ads any way you wish, with no ads coming from us.

  • No Broadcast ads: Your group will be free from broadcast ads, ensuring a cleaner user experience.

  • Customizable minimum market cap & liquidity for calls: This allows for better quality control of the calls shared within your group.

  • Leaderboard settings: Tailor the leaderboard to fit the specific needs and preferences of your group.

  • Exclusive separate channel: A dedicated channel for your group that filters calls from the general chatter in your main group and stores them.

Sect Bot offers lifetime access to its premium features for a one-time fee of 0.2 ETH. To purchase, message @emkolomsky or @emkolomsky2 in Telegram.

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