Sect Bot Ads

This is the primary revenue source of Sect Bot.

Standard Advertising Rates:

  • 24-Hour Button Ads: Starting at 0.2 ETH, advertisers gain visibility through hyperlinked button ads strategically placed within the leaderboards and "make a call" sections.

  • 72-Hour Ads: Available at a discounted rate of 0.5 ETH, extending the duration for heightened exposure.

  • 1-Week Button Ads: Priced at 1 ETH, providing an extended promotional period for sustained engagement.

  • Broadcast Messages: A dynamic option allowing for direct engagement with the audience. Priced at 1 ETH for a single broadcast or 2.5 ETH for three broadcasts over 72 hours.

Special Combo Offers:

  • Basic Combo: Combining a 24-hour button ad with one broadcast message at the cost of 1.1 ETH, maximizing visibility and engagement.

  • Pumped Combo: Amplifying exposure with a 72-hour ad paired with three separate broadcast messages, for 2.75 ETH.

Social media bonus:

For ads purchased above 1 ETH, we offer a complimentary shoutout and project mention on our Twitter and in our official Telegram group, further enhancing your visibility.

Audience Reach:

As of April 15, 2024, our advertising network spans over 3,800 Telegram and Discord private groups and lounges, collectively reaching more than 590,000 active users.

A portion of all proceedings from projects advertising their product through Sect Bot will go towards buybacks and burns.

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